Welcome to ModicaTech.com

We are commited to create applications to improve your productivity

The Company

ModicaTech is a young and promising company. It was founded in 2009 by an enthusiastic programmer who was looking for a way to share his work with the developer community. It started as a personal project to put in practice all the software development skills.

What We Do

At ModicaTech our passion is software development and the technology around it. Our objective is to create applications that solve particular needs, present new ideas or improve existing concepts. We specialize in web and windows desktop applications targeting the latest frameworks and standards.

Our commitment is with the software development community, clients and partners. We support and constantly improve our products to meet market expectations.


Integrate all your cloud storage services into a unified and simple view

Outlook Gadget

Displays all the Outlook relevant information: unread emails, pending tasks, today's meetings and upcoming events